Babycakes NYC Waffles

Last Saturday morning (after promising for many weeks since the opening) I took the Spoonman for a waffle breakfast at Babycakes’s new location on Larchmont Blvd. The waffles were dessert like,  softer than the ones I make from the Babycakes cookbook recipe, probably the result of a shorter cooking time and a generous coating with coconut oil or melted frosting. While spreading frosting on my waffles might not what I do at home they were sure a tasty treat. It was the first time in many years I was able to order waffles at a restaurant since I have been gluten-free/wheat free. Growing up as a kid my favorite restaurant breakfast was waffles, the whole family would walk down to Nat’s Early Bite  on the corner and I would always order the belgium waffles. I can still remember how in awe I was of the waffle making process since it was never something my mom made and I always thought that if my mom didn’t make it is must have been very difficult since she was such a hard worker and a great chef.  Thanks Babycakes for helping me re-join the ranks of angelnos who enjoy enjoy a good breakfast out.


Opening Day at Babycakes on Larchmont

Babycakes has finally opened a bakery in my neighborhood! After a few teases, the beloved vegan, gluten-free and refined-sugar free bakery opened its Larchmont Blvd. location at 8AM this morning. Since it was announced in August, I have been watching the papered storefront  like a kid watches the presents under the Christmas tree (or in my case under the menorah). The other week I was like the lady from the Mervins commercial with my head up against the glass, tapping my hands and  whispering “open, open, open”.

Well, deliciousness comes to those who wait, today I picked up thin mint cookies (one for me and one for spoonman) and a chocolate covered donut.

The only problem with a Babycakes in walking distance from my house is that I may eat so many gluten-free/vegan cakeballs (my favorite) and freshly made waffles (oh my) this winter that I may turn into a cakeball by summer. Well, today let’s eat cake, but tomorrow I may have to use restraint and walk on by, but don’t worry Babycakes – I still love you!

The Babycakes ladies hard at work (Erin McKenna in the middle).

Arcata Scoops, Arise Bakery & Avenue Of the Giants Marathon

On my Avenue of the Giants Marathon necessitated vacation with my mom, sister and niece I had a chance to taste all the humboldtian goodness Arcata, CA had to offer. I had taken the Marathon plunge only two months before, signing my sister and I up for the Avenue of the Giants Marathon which is know for it’s senic route through one of the oldest redwood forests on earth. The race was a chalenge, sister got winded on mile 17 and I thought I should sit down at mile 20, but we made it to the finish line.

The local cuisine was some of the best hippy-dippy organic fare this allergy-free city girl could wish for. The Arcata Co-Op  had a great selection of bulk food items at a great price. At the Arcata farmers market in the town square I picked up gluten free/vegan carrot rasin bread from Arise Gluten Free Bakery which served as delicious pre and post running fuel.

Here is the motherload of gluten-free vegan carrot rasin bread, YUM-O!

Most notable was Arcata Scoops ice cream shop. The shop served artisanal ice cream made with local milk from Humboldt County dairy farmers and vegan flavors (that I can have!) made with coconut milk and agave . The shop was super cute with a ice-cream cone sign and ice cream cone-shaped pendent lights. They even had a mini ice-cream shop for kids for kids to pretend to play ice cream shop, complete with dress-up aprons and cash register. The shop makes all of their ice creams from scratch, I tried the chocolate sorbet (water based) and the coconut milk based mint-chip and they made be howl yum!