About Me

I am a public-sector urban planner by day, wanna-be chef by night, and I am in the throes of a love affair with Los Angeles. Untamed, helter-skelter, succulent Los Angeles. As I travels streets, markets, and kitchens, my adventures will reveal the culinary treasures it has to behold. I’ll be doing my best to create a cohesive view of the LA foodscape, imagining myself as a human version of the best kitchen utensil ever invented to stir together diverse components: a spoon.

In this blog, I’ll whisk through the cityscape and explore cooking through the lens of sustainability (local, organic, no pesticides, fair-trade, healthy) and I will share my kitchen tricks for reducing one’s carbon footprint.  As a person with multiple allergies, I will also explore how to be a foodie while avoiding wheat, eggs, and dairy. I hope you find it as worthwhile to read as I do to write it.



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