Opening Day at Babycakes on Larchmont

Babycakes has finally opened a bakery in my neighborhood! After a few teases, the beloved vegan, gluten-free and refined-sugar free bakery opened its Larchmont Blvd. location at 8AM this morning. Since it was announced in August, I have been watching the papered storefront  like a kid watches the presents under the Christmas tree (or in my case under the menorah). The other week I was like the lady from the Mervins commercial with my head up against the glass, tapping my hands and  whispering “open, open, open”.

Well, deliciousness comes to those who wait, today I picked up thin mint cookies (one for me and one for spoonman) and a chocolate covered donut.

The only problem with a Babycakes in walking distance from my house is that I may eat so many gluten-free/vegan cakeballs (my favorite) and freshly made waffles (oh my) this winter that I may turn into a cakeball by summer. Well, today let’s eat cake, but tomorrow I may have to use restraint and walk on by, but don’t worry Babycakes – I still love you!

The Babycakes ladies hard at work (Erin McKenna in the middle).


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