Arcata Scoops, Arise Bakery & Avenue Of the Giants Marathon

On my Avenue of the Giants Marathon necessitated vacation with my mom, sister and niece I had a chance to taste all the humboldtian goodness Arcata, CA had to offer. I had taken the Marathon plunge only two months before, signing my sister and I up for the Avenue of the Giants Marathon which is know for it’s senic route through one of the oldest redwood forests on earth. The race was a chalenge, sister got winded on mile 17 and I thought I should sit down at mile 20, but we made it to the finish line.

The local cuisine was some of the best hippy-dippy organic fare this allergy-free city girl could wish for. The Arcata Co-Op  had a great selection of bulk food items at a great price. At the Arcata farmers market in the town square I picked up gluten free/vegan carrot rasin bread from Arise Gluten Free Bakery which served as delicious pre and post running fuel.

Here is the motherload of gluten-free vegan carrot rasin bread, YUM-O!

Most notable was Arcata Scoops ice cream shop. The shop served artisanal ice cream made with local milk from Humboldt County dairy farmers and vegan flavors (that I can have!) made with coconut milk and agave . The shop was super cute with a ice-cream cone sign and ice cream cone-shaped pendent lights. They even had a mini ice-cream shop for kids for kids to pretend to play ice cream shop, complete with dress-up aprons and cash register. The shop makes all of their ice creams from scratch, I tried the chocolate sorbet (water based) and the coconut milk based mint-chip and they made be howl yum!


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